How To Clean Your Car Tyres


Have you already clean your car? How often do you it in a week? Cars are machines but they do also need some care as these are a vital part in our everyday activity.  Cleaning your car tyres are one of the main focus when you clean your car.

As when you are cleaning them it always makes your car look great and adds on to the idea that it always looks good as new. Cleaning your car tyres gives a better performance and great attraction for your car.

Washing your car removes dirt and dust, which can damage the durability of your brake pads. So make sure you wash your tyres properly. So how do you wash them in a correct manner?

Below are some steps you can follow in cleaning your car tyres.

  1. Have a soap and bucket of water for your car tyre and soap and bucket for your wheel. So that the dirt from the tyrewill not transfer to the wheel as this would really be a great big mess and hard to clean up the wheel as well.
  2. VauxhallTyresYou should use the right kind of tyre cleaner and wheel cleaner. You can choose a cream or spray for the different cleaning purposes. You should use a soft cloth to use with cream in cleaning the wheel and spray for the tyre.
  3. You should use a scrub in cleaning your tyre or  exhaust parts and make sure you focus more on the gaps on the wheel. You can repeat in cleaning and scrubbing. Use a soft brush when cleaning and finish one tyre at a time.
  4. Finish it off with a soft cloth; use a microfiber kind of cloth, which will make your tyre completely dry. Make sure it is completely dry from water and dry from the wax and creams that you applied to the wheels and tyres. If not then you are inviting rust to attack your car.
  5. You need to wax your car tyre in the same way that you are waxing your car. Waxing will make the tyre look clean and shiny. But the most important thing is that it prevents any harmful elements and dust to stick to your car tyres. This would as well guard the tyres from UV light that destroys the rubber tyre.
  1. There are many products that are offered in the market, you should be able to choose one, which would really clean your car tyres and well. Be sure that it properly conditions yourtyres and does not contain any solvent-based silicone that destroys your tyres that guards it from ozone.Make sure that products should be milky white, which are water based, and they are better than the solvent silicone. So, next time you shop for prodcust that clean your car tyres do not go for the cheap tyre creams and solutions. This will only damage your car tyre and make it look worn out. Choose a solution that corresponds to your card tyre brand.

When you clean your car and your car tyres do purchase the right kind of cream, solution and have a correct way of cleaning them. As the right and correct manner of cleaning will make your car tyres last a long time, will make your car give a better performance and gives a good new look. Taking good care of your car and car tyres is also the same thing as taking care of yourself. Make it habit to maintain your car, especially the tyres and rest assured that you get the best performance of your car.