Some of The Worst Web Design Mistakes Ever

Over the years that the design of websites for the internet has been a thing, there have been roaring successes in the field. There have also been mistakes that are best never mentioned again. The problem is that people don’t ever seem to learn from their mistakes, and you constantly see the same errors pop up over and over again as the years go by. It is only human to repeat mistakes, of course, but this many times? Here are some, in the hopes that you won’t make these in your web design work.

You Are Nothing More Than a Solution

A big mistake that people in both design and SEO Manchester make is thinking that they matter on a personal level. The people you work with and for do not give two farts about your website other than the fact that it is a solution to a problem. On a personal level, the amount of work and passion that you put in doesn’t matter in the slightest. What matters to the common people is that when they enter your website, they enter with a problem and they leave with a solution because of the site.

Make Them Understand In Less Than 5 Seconds

Five seconds is the maximum amount of time you have to make a new visitor figure out what your site is about. This means that the days of the flashing lights and the unnecessary fluff needs to be gone in the wind. You need to focus more on providing them with a solution to their problem with no distractions. In reality, we are going back to the pioneering days of web design. Five seconds after entering the site that you have designed, a person needs to know what is up and what the solution to their issue is.

With the right kind of design practices incorporated into the site, you will probably be able to elicit a very positive reaction from your clients and their customers.